Visualizing Your Chiropractic Success

//Visualizing Your Chiropractic Success

Visualizing Your Chiropractic Success

We’ve talked before about using visualization as a tool to help propel you to success.  Here is a new way to use this powerful concept to get you toward your goals.

To do this, all that is required is that you have a quiet spot with a pad or paper and pen.  Think of a goal you want to achieve with your chiropractic website or practice.  Suppose it’s to achieve an income of $1 million a year from your practice.

Some personal development experts recommend you imagine what it would be like to have this kind of income, but this technique is a little different.

Instead, ask yourself, "What kind of person makes $1 million a year in his/her practice?"  Write the question down, and then think of what personal qualities this person would embody.  Then write down each quality and visualize yourself with the characteristic.

Maybe "resourceful" would come up.  "Confident," "disciplined," or anything else.  Whatever it is, build for yourself an avatar of that wealthy chiropractor and step into it.  Don’t think about how you’ll apply these in real life tomorrow.  Just see yourself with the characteristics.

If you do this for a half hour a day, you’ll see changes very quickly.  You can do this for any personal or professional goal.  

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