Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Social Media Networks

//Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Social Media Networks

Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Social Media Networks


If you are looking to increase the social media presence for your chiropractic practice, there are several techniques that can be implemented. Social media requires constant activity to make a difference and become an asset to your business. While it may seem obvious, remember that generating traffic to your social media sites requires time and attention.

Help boost engagement to your Facebook Business page by posting at least once a week. Content posted should include a combination of information about chiropractic and also humorous cartoons or pictures or interesting articles related to your industry.

There are three additional techniques you can follow as well to help increase your Facebook page traffic.

Upload Your Contacts to Your Facebook Page

You can add contacts to your Facebook page and this should be the first step your business takes to see a quick rise in traffic and activity. By using iControl, you can download an Excel spreadsheet list of your contacts. Make sure the file is in a CVS format and log into Facebook. This allows you to upload and invite all of your contacts to ‘Like’ your Facebook page at one time.

When logged into your Facebook Business Page, click on Build Audience > Invite Email Contacts > Upload Contact List. Once the list is uploaded, this allows you to preview the message that will be sent to your contacts before it is sent out through Facebook.

Use Email to Ask for Likes

When you are collecting contact information from your patients, make sure you collect their email addresses. Email everyone that you gather from your contact list and let them know that you are now on Facebook (and other social media sites) and let them know that is the best way to keep up-to-date with office announcements, special offers and upcoming events. Take advantage of iCard, a feature in iControl, to let your clients know you are active on social media and invite them to connect with your business on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Create Your Chiropractic Vanity URL on Facebook

As soon as you reach 30 ‘Likes’ on your Facebook Business Page, you have the option to create a vanity URL, which appears more professional and will allow you to easily market the page. For example, facebook.com/pages/YourBusiness/867530953669 changed to facebook.com/YourBusiness is looks more official and can be added to your email signature, business cards, or even as a decal for the front window of the office.  Choose your new URL wisely, as this can only be changed twice.

Want more tips? Check out our infographic 5 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook.

Get your staff involved and have fun with social media! All it takes is just a little bit of time and effort and social media can help boost your business and accomplish a lot. Keep current with the latest web marketing trends by calling us today at 1-800-IMATRIX.


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