What Can You Control?

//What Can You Control?

What Can You Control?

During a lunch break last week, a couple coworkers and I went to a pizza place that was well reviewed.  When we got there, we saw a sign over the door saying "Due to events beyond our control, we are closed today."

For some reason, that statement really bothered my coworkers and I.  It felt like an excuse; a "Don’t blame me!" statement.

It turned out that the pizza place was closed because of a gas leak, which truly was an event beyond their control.  Still, it would have been much better to say something like "Closed due to construction," or simply just "Closed due to unexpected circumstances.  Our apologies."  

One thing to keep in mind with your chiropractic practice is that you win no points for overtly relieving yourself of accountability and responsibility.  When you take the stance that you are 100% responsible for your patient’s experience, then you have their respect, even when things go wrong.  

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