Why the Rise of Social Media is Good for Chiropractors

//Why the Rise of Social Media is Good for Chiropractors

Why the Rise of Social Media is Good for Chiropractors

You may remember when marketing your chiropractic business was a one-way conversation. As a business owner, after creating your marketing campaign you were pretty much done. Either your marketing efforts worked or they didn’t, and success was easy to measure. Whether or not patients responded to your ads or promotions would immediately let you know if your marketing efforts were successful.

Now, with the rise of social media and online interactions, the playing field for marketing has completely changed. With the creation of services like Facebook and Yelp, your marketing efforts are much more likely to involve interacting with your patients instead of talking "at" them. This online interaction has both its upsides and its downsides. In the "old days" a huge company with a sizable marketing budget may have been able to crush a smaller competitor with their marketing efforts alone. Today, a small business like a chiropractic clinic can aggressively compete against larger businesses simply by offering a great product and above average customer service. A chiropractic clinic with a dedicated staff can leverage their superior service and gain a distinct marketing advantage over big marketing budgets. This helps small businesses compete because even a huge marketing budget can no longer protect big businesses from getting hit hard from a negative social media backlash if they offer sub-par service.

But how do you use social media to show off your great service and market your chiropractic clinic? The answer lies in getting patients to talk about their chiropractic experience online. Social media services like Facebook provide chiropractors with a free way to converse with their patients online and get constructive feedback on how to improve their overall customer experience. Interacting with patients on services like Facebook or Yelp also gives you the ability to turn angry or unhappy customers into the number one advocate for your business.

Have you gotten negative reviews or had negative comments made about your business? You don’t need to suffer in silence, it is possible to actually use these reviews to grow your business. You can turn a negative review around by contacting the reviewers publicly and making things right for them. This also demonstrates to future patients that you care about making your patients happy. Want to learn more? Check back for our next blog post which will teach you how to turn a negative reviewer into your company’s number one advocate!

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