Your Mindset for Traffic Buying

//Your Mindset for Traffic Buying

Your Mindset for Traffic Buying

In the last post, we talked about directly investing dollars into traffic for your chiropractic website. The idea that you should spend $1000 to get one patient, who over maybe five years will pay you $2500, does not make everyone feel comfortable. You want your money now and you don’t want to give up today’s pay and watch tomorrow’s profit come at a snail’s pace.

The irony is that to any investor, doubling your money (plus half) within five years sounds like a great investment. That’s a 20.12% return rate, unheard of on the market except in really risky stocks.

The difference is that when you’re a small time chiropractor (or any entrepreneur), you’re in a "hunter/gatherer" mindset. This is how humanity kept alive in the early days. Go hunt for food, pick wild berries, and repeat it again the next day. If the bison migrate, you go hungry. Too many chiropractors operate this way and because of this, they do not accumulate wealth.

Instead you have to switch to an "agricultural" mindset . You buy the right seeds, plant, irrigate, and wait. If we didn’t switch to this type of thinking, we’d still be out hunting or food today (like some cultures are still doing). The only way you can do this is by putting together an aggressive savings program for your business so you have the capital to not shiver when the opportunity comes up to tie up your money for a few years.  It’ll be worth it for the freedom to choose really profitable investments.

Try this way of thinking with your chiropractic website and see what you can do. 

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