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Comments for: Should Chiropractors Use Paid Search?

SEO lady said:

Its true that paid search can be very beneficial but its also tricky to manage on your own. Also, I think to rely solely on paid search only can be risky. Consumers are getting wise that you pay to be found in those areas and they tend to trust organic search more. The real benefit comes when you are able to show up in organic/natural page results and they see your name in paid search as well. 70% of the time they are going to click on the organic listing but they choose you because you are seen in both areas and therefore they think you are even more of an authority on what they are looking for.

2011-01-31 13:07:50

ChiroMatrix said:

Excellent points, SEO Lady! You can easily lose money if you're doing paid search on your own. This is why we like to handle that part for clients whenever possible. It lets the clients just take the "investor" role in paid search while we work with the actual mechanics. Organic SEO is also extremely important, which is why we make that our main focus when creating results for chiropractors on Google. Some of our best success stories come from when we have a client showing up high on Google's organic search, paid search, AND Google Maps or Places. Having all your bases covered is huge for search marketing. Thanks for the great input, SEO Lady. Will look forward to more insights from you.

2011-02-08 13:34:07

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