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Chiropractor  – Dominator Case Study

Chiropractic Dominator Service

Client: Back to Health Center, PLLC.


Back to Health Center is located in Alexandria, VA and serves both Alexandria and D.C. area patients. Dr. Shara Posner and the Center signed on as clients of ChiroMatrix in December of 2012, with January being the first month of Dominator service. Due to the competitive nature of the D.C. area, Dr. Posner elected to enroll in Dominator to take advantage of the advanced SEO solution. Dr. Posner’s practice already had existing Facebook and Twitter accounts but was looking for an all-in-one solution to harness all the tools available in online marketing including PPC and SEO. After only six months in the SEO and SEM service, Back to Health Center is experiencing great results.

The Evolution

As a chiropractor with a successful practice, Dr. Posner was looking to take her practice to the next level with a comprehensive online marketing strategy. ChiroMatrix’s Dominator enabled her to spend less of her own time marketing her practice while getting more leads and patients. Dr. Posner was still able to contribute to the process, give feedback, and request changes as necessary throughout the process. Having a dedicated Google Adwords Certified Account Manager was a key part of the entire process and continuing service. The Account Manager’s certification and experience was instrumental in helping Dr. Posner’s Center succeed in such a competitive area.

Over the course of 9 years in practice, I have had the opportunity to work with many internet companies. I hired a few companies and always felt they did ok, but never great. After hours of searching the internet and staring longingly at all my competitors’ websites and rankings, I had just had it. I called Chiromatrix and that was the end of my Google "bottom feeding." After a few weeks I was up and running. The page was bright, flashy, and clean. They set a film crew and put together a great video of my office. Between the press releases, social media marketing, writing, and SEO, I am getting a great service at a great rate. Everyone I have worked with at this company has been competent and helpful. I would definitely recommend this service to a colleague.

– Dr. Shara Posner, MS, DC

The launch of the Dominator Service for Back to Health Center included a multifaceted approach with many moving parts. The Account Manager and team of Specialists at ChiroMatrix worked together with Dr. Posner to make sure that all the necessary steps were completed to launch and update the website, setup and rebrand social media, shoot the HD video, get the PPC campaigns running, all the while focusing on search engine optimization for the Center. During the launch of the website, Dr. Posner worked closely with the Account Manager to make edits to the website and get all the information correctly posted to the site.

In conjunction with the website design and launch, the Facebook and Twitter Pages for the Center got a rebranding makeover to match the website. A Google+ Page was also created for Dr. Posner to further maximize the social reach of the Center. Dr. Posner continues to have full access to all of her social media pages and supplements the weekly posts by ChiroMatrix with timely and personalized information about the practice. While the transformation was taking place with the social media accounts and the website was launching, the Media Specialist was scheduling and assisting with preparing for the 90-second documercial to be filmed on location at the Center. Once the video was recorded and approved by the Center, it was uploaded to the Center’s branded YouTube Channel and promoted on social media, as well as the front page of the website, to increase views.

January 2013


The Dominator Effect

When Back to Health Center initially launched their ChiroMatrix website in January of 2013, the website got 1,023 visits a month with 818 unique visitors. During that first month of service, they also recorded 2,364 page views, 9 Request Appointments and 7 Contact Us submissions from the website. After only five months in Dominator, the Center has seen significant jumps in all the tracking numbers. For instance, in May of 2013, the Center more than doubled their Request Appointments and Contacts Us Requests with 22 and 18, respectively. During the same month, the Center’s website got 1,269 visits with 1,054 unique visits and 2,901 page views. At the end of May, the Facebook Page for the Center had 186 followers and the HD Video Documercial for Dr. Posner’s Center recorded 145 views. Dr. Posner and the Center are pleased with the results of Dominator and look forward to continually refining and furthering the SEO and SEM strategy for the success of the Center.

May 2013


If you are interested in learning more about how the Dominator Service can benefit your practice, please call us today at 800-IMATRIX to speak with an Internet Consultant.

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