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ChiroMatrix strengthens doctor patient relations by distributing relevant chiropractic newsletter content to website subscribers on topics of their choice. This chiropractic newsletter system also allows DC's to create their own newsletter articles - incorporating files and images - with an easy to use online editor.

ChiroMatrix provides and schedules two monthly newsletters on progressive chiropractic and wellness topics. These "community newsletter" issues are professionally written specifically for subscribers interested in wellness and chiropractic care. They are prepared two months in advance, so doctors have the option to preview newsletters and ensure the content fits with their philosophy. Subscribers can choose from Newsletter topics, which rotate on topics including: Backaches & Sciatica, Headaches & Neck Pain, Wellness Topics, Diet & Nutrition, Exercise & Fitness, Women's Health Issues, Children's Health Issues, and Stress Management. If editorial philosophies clash, a chiropractor may elect to skip the community newsletter in question.

In addition to community newsletters sent out twice a month, Chiropractors can write their own custom newsletters. A chiropractor has full control to write newsletters full of engaging, rich content including use of images, file download links, flash, and video! Unlike community newsletters, custom newsletter can be drafted, previewed, and scheduled for future delivery.

Newsletter Highlights

  • Seamless integration into your ChiroMatrix website
  • Continuously brings more traffic to your website
  • Automatically updates monthly into your website
  • Patients sign up directly from your website
  • Branded with your complete practice information
  • Access an archive of previously sent newsletters
  • Written by professional chiropractic writers
  • Customizable header and footer