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Chiropractic Marketing Media Service

Client: The Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center


The Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center started as a ChiroMatrix website client in January 2010. They were pleased with the volume and features of their website, but wanted to do more to stay ahead of their local competition in the Lawrence, Kansas area. In June 2012, they decided to take the plunge by adding video marketing and social media to their online marketing strategy by enrolling in the Media Service. Before enrolling in the Media Service, the Center was getting about 25 visits a day to their website, saw an average of 6 leads a month, and was garnering moderate engagement on social media.

After starting in the Media Service, the practice’s website underwent a site redesign and a professional video was scheduled to be filmed on location at the practice. Dr. Mark Howarter already had established a Facebook page for the Center, but was interested in the additional Facebook posts provided by ChiroMatrix, as well as the new Twitter and Google+ pages created by ChiroMatrix. The Center continues to post to social media regarding local events and challenges, but they enjoy the freedom that ChiroMatrix provides by managing their Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ postings.

The Evolution

Being pleased with the professional ChiroMatrix website for the past three years, Dr. Howarter was looking to take his marketing to the next level and stay ahead of what his competition was doing. Dr. Howarter learned about the Media Service and decided to take the next step by incorporating video into his marketing, while also expanding out his social media presence. The biggest draws of the Media Service was the professional HD video of the practice including 6 professional still photos, optimization of the video on YouTube, and integration of social media into the website. The video shoot was scheduled a few weeks after starting the Media Service and the Center was able to prepare for the shoot with guidance from ChiroMatrix.

I have been very satisfied with my media service over the past year, from the video production to social media management, it has been great! There are so many media outlets to keep up with it is a huge weight lifted to keep up with on a weekly basis. So now, rather than making web page edits and Facebook updates, I answer the phone with new patients!!
–Dr. Howarter

Within a few days of the on-site filming, the Center was notified that the edited video was ready for his review. Using the easy-to-navigate online video review system, the practice was able to review the video and request any changes or tweaks to the video. In addition to receiving a professionally edited, HD video, the practice also got several professional still shots of the Center, Dr. Howarter, and the staff. They were able to keep the photos and use them on the website and any other marketing materials they wished.

Video Optimization and SEO Impact

Once the practice approved the final edit of the video documercial, the ChiroMatrix team created and branded a custom YouTube Channel for the Center. Additionally, ChiroMatrix uploaded the new HD video and optimized both the YouTube Channel and video with relevant keywords to improve SEO. The Media Specialist at ChiroMatrix added the video of the practice to the homepage of the website and linked to the practice’s new YouTube Channel as well. The video was also syndicated to several top video sites, including Vimeo, MetaCafe, and Daily Motion to drive traffic to the website while also creating credible backlinks to the website. Lastly, the photos taken by the videographer were added to the website to create a virtual tour of the Center.

Video Ads Aimed at Local Viewers

Along with the 90 second HD documercial, ChiroMatrix also created and produced a short video ad for the Center. The video advertisement was geo-targeted to viewers in the local area watching popular videos on the YouTube TruView network. The ads were aimed at viewers in the Lawrence, KS vicinity and included specific calls-to-action for making an appointment through the website or by calling the Center. YouTube viewers who clicked on the ad for the Center were taken to a custom landing page where they could watch the full 90 second video.

Engagement through Social Media

The Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center’s video and professional still photos were uploaded to their social media pages to increase engagement. By sharing the video on Facebook, the video post was seen by 260 people and increased the number of video views as well. About 244 of these people saw the video in their own news feed or on the Center’s timeline. An additional 17 people who do not follow the practices Facebook page saw the video post in a story from a friend. By posting the video to social media, the Center was able to put their practice in front of a new audience and increase brand awareness. Additionally, the weekly social media posts are garnering more overall engagement on a regular basis as well. The Facebook page now as 382 followers, 168,896 friends of fans, and an average weekly total reach of 184 people.

The Chiropractic Experience Media Results

Get the Word Out with Video

Since syndication and publication of The Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center’s video, the video has gotten over 249 views. The view counter aggregates all the views from YouTube, the practice’s website, and the social media sites where the video was posted. The reach of the video likely extends farther than can be reasonably tracked since the video is also be viewed on other video sharing websites.

The Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center Media Views

Thousands of Views

The geo-targeted ads complemented the reach of the practice’s full length documercial as they were played directly before popular videos in the Lawrence, KS local market. After running the advertising portion of the Media Service for six months, the video ad received over 3,841 views. This can be translated as 3,841 viewers who may not have heard of The Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center were exposed to the Center by the video ad. The ad also increased traffic to the website.

The Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center Media Views

The Tangible Payoff: Leads

The Center has seen an increase in quality website traffic and patient leads since the new video and site redesign. Prior to the video and website redesign, the practice averaged about 25 website visits a day and about 6 leads a month. After the video launch and website revamp, the practice sees an average of 30 website visits a day and 13 new patient leads a month. Since enrolling in the Media Service, the practice continues to stay ahead of competitors while garnering online appointment requests from the website (77 website leads since August of 2012).

The Chiropractic Experience Wellness Center Before After Media Service

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*Averages are based off of a 30 day average that most likely did not include traffic from search engine robots. Data was collected from iControl.

Please note: In an effort to always include cutting-edge technologies that have the greatest value to our clients, we are continually updating our services offerings. Due to recent trends and research in video advertising, in-display video ads are no longer part of the Media Service. However, in-stream video ads that play before popular YouTube videos are still included.