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Chiropractic Marketing Media Service

Client: Correct Care Family Chiropractic


Correct Care Family Chiropractic began as a ChiroMatrix client in November 2007. Although they loved the functionality of their website, they wanted to take their online marketing to the next level. For several months, they spent “…a fortune…” on advertising with another online marketing company with unsatisfactory results. The traffic to their website averaged about 15 hits a day* with no measurable appointment requests. With the launch of the new Media Service from ChiroMatrix in May 2012, they decided to shift their hard earned dollars into the new, cutting edge video marketing service.

The Evolution

The ChiroMatrix team began the implementation of the Media Service and the makeover of CorrectCareChiro.com with the rebranding of their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. While the company had been very active on Facebook, they had yet to take the plunge into the world of Google+. The ChiroMatrix team then sent out a newsletter to the contacts provided by the practice, encouraging patients to follow Correct Care Family Chiropractic online.

Shooting the Videos

The next stage of their service involved the professional HD video shoot on location in their Livonia, MI office. Once the video was shot and edited, Dr. Kravis easily requested changes to the first cut of the video and was able to approve the second cut in a short amount of time.

Optimizing for SEO

Once the 90 second video was approved, the team at ChiroMatrix optimized it and created a customized YouTube channel for the practice. The Media Specialist also worked with our in-house Design Specialist to place the video, social media icons, landing pages and appointment request buttons on the Correct Care Family Chiropractic website for optimal conversion rates. The video was also submitted to several top video syndication sites such as Vimeo, MetaCafe, Daily Motion, and Flickr to increase potential traffic to the website, as well as back links for search engine optimization.

I found the process very easy when being guided by such a knowledgeable expert. IMatrix has made the process of website optimization painless.
–Dr. Jim Kravis, September 2012

Reach Even Further with Video Advertisements

The last piece of the puzzle was put in place with the kickoff of geo-targeted pre-roll ads on the YouTube network, which targeted the surrounding areas of Livonia. The ads included a call to action to schedule an appointment with the practice by calling or requesting an appointment through their website. Viewers who saw the ad were able to click directly on the 15 second video to be directed to a customized landing page. This page contains the full 90 second video, as well as a convenient Request An Appointment button.

Increased Social Media Engagement

If “Content is King” on websites, then “Engagement is Queen” on social media. The Media Service injected Correct Care Family Chiropractic’s social media profiles with more engagement than they were experiencing with just posts alone. Both the video and the professional pictures taken during the video shoot had several “likes” and shares, which increased their visibility in the newsfeeds of other fans. The combined total reach of the video and photos was 279 people with 50 Engaged

Social Engagement Driven by Media Service

Social Engagement Driven by Media Service

Unique Video Views

In order for a documercial to be beneficial to the practice, it must be seen by more than just the office employees. In just under two months, the Correct Care Family Chiropractic 90 second documercial has received over 140 unique views via their customized YouTube channel, website, and Facebook page.

Before we started we were on page 5 of Google and now we are on the first page!

–Dr. Jim Kravis, September 2012

Thousands of Monthly Impressions

To build on top of the success of the documercial, the Media Service also includes geo-targeted advertisements on YouTube that play before other, highly watched videos in the practice’s local area of Livonia, MI. To date, the 15-second advertisement video has had over 19,737 impressions and over 1,789 full views in just under two months. That means that over 19,737 people who normally would not have been exposed to Correct Care Family Chiropractic were able to see and hear from the doctor. This increased awareness about the practice in the area and drove more traffic to their website. In addition, there were 20 clicks through to the website after viewing the 15 second advertisement.

Video Advertisement Reach (As of Nov. 2012)

Video Advertisement Reach

The Payoff

In addition to many phone appointments that the practice has received, Dr. Kravis and his team can easily track the appointment requests that are made through the website. In the last month, 4 new patients were able to fill out an online appointment request as a result of the redesign efforts that were performed by the Chiromatrix team. Their average daily traffic has increased 140% from about 15 visits per day in April to about 36 visits per day in September.*

If you are interested in learning more about how the Media Service can benefit your practice, please call us today at 800-IMATRIX to speak with an Internet Consultant.

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*Averages are based off of a 7 day average that most likely did not include traffic from search engine robots. Data was collected from iControl panel