“Being new to website management and even newer to my current practice, I stepped into my role admittedly trepidatiously. With webpage edits, search engine optimization and all of the tasks required to better our website looming, I needed an infusion of confidence. iMatrix has made these tasks simple and understandable for me, resulting in many new patients finding us online already!”
“I am very impressed by you guys. Very responsive and intelligent. Really very impressive. I have been involved in computer technology in dental offices since 1985, and actually wrote a complete dental management software system years ago, and you guys do what you say, unlike many other companies I’ve experienced through the years.”
Frank J Sapienza D.D.S., www.thesmilepeople.com
“We love our website! We have had so many new patients that find us on the web and come in because they love our site.”
“You guys are great! I have had so many compliments on my website. It has attracted me an average of 12 new patients a month. I never realized how many patients you can attract online and how many potential patients will “rate” you based on how professional your website looks.”