At iMatrix, we consider partnerships to be at the foundation of our success and are continually looking to create and build strong partnerships with other companies that are catering to our current and future client base.


ChiroTouch Practice Management Software

ChiroTouch is a fully integrated practice management software solution designed to increase efficiencies and save you time. The EHR-certified chiropractic software includes a customizable SOAP note interface, patient scheduling, billing capabilities, and numerous reports to monitor accounting‹all working toward a truly paperless practice.

Jobson Optical Group

The Jobson Optical Group is a premier integrated healthcare information and communication services provider which includes publications like Review of Optometry®, Review of Ophthalmology®, VisionMonday®, 20/20 Magazine®, LabTalk® and others, and is well known for its deep understanding of the needs of eye care professionals.

North Carolina Chiropractic Association

The North Carolina Chiropractic Association is the only professional service association in the state of North Carolina for Doctors of Chiropractic. The purpose of the NCCA is to provide a unified voice for chiropractors in North Carolina, promote public awareness of chiropractic, and provide quality continuing education for D.C.s and their staff.

Colorado Chiropractic Association

The mission of the Colorado Chiropractic Association is to protect, promote, and expand the ethical and professional practice of chiropractic in the state of Colorado.

Our purpose is to support our membership by providing exceptional continuing education, free member webinars and practice builder events, a statewide Find-A-Doc search engine for patients, and regular newsletters that keep our DC’s up-to-date on important chiropractic news and happenings around the state.

Veterinary Hospital Managers Association

The mission of Veterinary Hospital Managers Association is to enhance and serve professionals in veterinary management through superior education, certification, and networking. Their core purpose is to advance and support veterinary practice managers. Achieving this purpose will help veterinary practice managers to succeed professionally, and help practices succeed and accomplish their missions through excellent management.

Texas Chiropractic Association

The Texas Chiropractic Association (TCA) is the essential voice for chiropractic in Texas. It provides protection and statewide advocacy for chiropractors. The ability to legally practice is at the forefront of the association’s goals and is one of the huge benefits provided to TCA members. The Texas Chiropractic Association works hard to advocate the position that the citizens of Texas should have adequate access to the health care of their choice and to ensure that Doctors of Chiropractic have suitable representation in the decision-making agencies of the government.