Video is a must-have for any desirable website. It offers an attractive way to consume information efficiently, which is something both patients and search engines like to see.

Video Can Be the Secret to Your Online Success

Video is the multitasking marketing tool that satisfies the needs of your most important audiences. For your viewers, video builds trust and is one of the most efficient ways to obtain information. For search engines, video contributes to positive search signals that drive higher ranking and more traffic to your page. You do not have to be a Hollywood star to create a great video; our Media package can put your practice in the spotlight and help drive more new views to your website.

Device video

Equivalent to 1.8 Million Words

One minute of video has the equivalent impact of 1.8 million words of written text making it the best use of your marketing time and dollars.

It Doesn’t Get Anymore Personal

Invite visitors into your practice and introduce them to you and your staff before they even set foot in the door.

The Google Connection

YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, meaning the two search platforms offer unmatched synergy for bringing new views to your videos and visits to your website.

Video drives a 157% increase in organic traffic from search results pages.

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