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April 30, 2016 – Beach Cleanup

Work hard play hard is not just another cliche phrase around here, we put it into action. When all work together, all win together, and part of winning together sometimes means taking things outside of the office. Putting in work and having fun, doesn’t always need to be stuck in the office. Check out our growing list of iMatrix events.

Annual Blood Drive

In the summer of 2011, iMatrix hosted what would become known as our iMatrix Annual Blood Drive for the San Diego Blood Bank. Every year, iMatrix works with the San Diego Blood Bank to select a day where a mobile Bloodmobile comes out to our location to collect donations. Our event planning committee works to promote the event well in advance so that employees can invite family members, friends, and neighbors to donate blood and red blood cells.

Breast Cancer Walk

Since 2010, iMatrix has participated in “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer,” a 4-mile walking event for charity. The American Cancer Society has been sponsoring the walk nationally since 1993, and has raised millions of dollars in the efforts to treat and cure breast cancer. This walk is a way to inspire hope by raising funds and awareness to help those facing the disease and save more lives. All proceeds raised by this San Diego walk will stay in the San Diego community. The donations will be used to raise awareness, provide support and financial help for all people who are touched by this cancer.

Holiday Party

When all work together, all win together. And when all work together, it’s great for all to celebrate together! Every year the co-founders of iMatrix, Asaf and Yamia, throw a stellar holiday party for the staff and their spouses to celebrate another successful year. As our company continues to grow, so do the annual holiday parties. The parties are a great opportunity for iMatrix staffers to let their hair down and spend some time enjoying their accomplishments and relationships. Every year, certain employees get their chance to shine in the spotlight as they receive awards for special achievements and for going above and beyond.

Spirit Week

Although iMatrix is on the cutting-edge of online marketing services and technology, we do appreciate tradition as well. As such, we have a rather fun tradition that we cherish which takes place during the week of Halloween. We call this tradition “Spirit Week.” Spirit Week is a silly time of the year for us when we encourage our employees to wear their wackiest costumes all day at work.

Beach BBQ

One day a year at iMatrix, we host an all company Beach Bar-B-Que when everyone (except our wonderful volunteers who stay behind to answer the phones) takes off early and heads to the beach. As a company based out of San Diego’s growing technology center, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by promoting a positive culture and a team-oriented environment. One of the many efforts we make to further this culture and environment is to get out of the office and enjoy our city.

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