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Get priority placement at the top of Google while also deciding when, where, and by whom your ads are seen. With pay-per-click advertising you can dramatically increase qualified traffic to your website in a short period of time.

Will Pay-Per-Click Work for My Practice?

If you’re interested in driving more relevant online searches to your website, then, yes, pay-per-click (PPC) ads will work for you. The key to finding success with PPC is identifying the right combination of keywords, audience, and geographic region. As these elements are unique to your practice and fluid in nature, the most successful PPC efforts are driven from experienced, Google-Certified digital marketing specialists who monitor and adjust the campaign on an ongoing basis. You will find this type of management and service delivery within our Velocity package.

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Instant Gratification

Once ads go live, they can immediately bring new qualified leads to your website.


With pre-determined budgets and trackable conversions, it’s easy to manage your costs and understand the financial return of your efforts.

It Works

Connecting businesses who offer a particular service with web users looking for that service is a simple strategy that satisfies everyone involved.

On average, ChiroMatrix clients receive 51 leads per month from their website!

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